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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
138232 Bond (Brunker) Mary Ann - 1857 3 March On board the barque 'Elizabeth Thompson' off Port Phillip Heads MM
  Death of Mary Ann, the beloved wife of Captain Edward Bond and granddaughter of Mrs. Margaret McGreavy of Newcastle, after a short and painfull illness. Died on 20th February 1857 aged 20 years
147120 Bruncker (Brunker) Mary Ann - 1842 18 August Newcastle Australiasian Chronicle
  Marriage of Mr. James Cunningham, clerk of the colonial hospital at that place, to Mrs. M.A. Bruncker (Brunker), daughter of Mr. James McGreavy on 10 August 1842. Rev. Mr. Dowling
108787 Brunker John and Mary Anne - 1834 16 June Abode: Newcastle Register Book of Christ Church Cathedral, Newcastle. Baptisms p.21
  Free. Occupation: overseer. Baptism of daughter Margaret
108999 Brunker John and Mary Anne - 1837 14 March Abode: Newcastle Register Book of Christ Church Cathedral, Newcastle. Baptisms p.28
  Shop keeper. Baptism of daughter Mary Anne
12866 Brunker Mary Ann - 1844 21 September Newcastle MM
  Insolvent. Allowed to keep wearing apparel and bedding for herself and family.
58443 Brunker Mary Ann - 1832 3 November Newcastle Colonial Secretary's Correspondence re Convicts AO1046 32/5679
  Mary Ann's mother Margaret McGreavy allowed a ticket of exemption when with her daughter in Newcastle
100411 Brunker Mary Ann - 1853 28 May Newcastle MM
  Marriage of Captain Edward Bond of Sydney to Mary Ann, daughter of the late John Nixon Brunker of Newcastle on 21st May. Minister Rev. C.P.N. Wilton
107952 Brunker Mary Ann - 1834 25 November Newcastle NGE
  Eliza Dunnan per 'Andromeda' assigned servant
108789 Brunker Mary Ann - 1842 15 January Newcastle. Allotment No. 54. Watt Street SG
  Land Grant. 36 perches promised by Sir Thomas Brisbane on 22 August 1823 to William Evans who requested the deeds be advertised in favour of Mrs. Mary Ann Brunker
137794 Brunker Mary Ann - 1838 9 November Newcastle Newcastle Bench Books. AO NSW Reel 2722
  William Hill per 'Marquis of Huntley' sentenced to work 12 months in irons for stealing wearing apparel for the store of Mary Ann Brunker
174058 Brunker Mary Ann - 10 April 1924 Newcastle The Voice of the North
  Reminiscences of Mary Ann Brunker - The late Hon. J.N. Brunker who was a native of Newcastle, where he was born in 1832, was told by his mother that in 1801 Lords men camped on a spring between Watt Street and Nobbys and that the sawpit was on the site of the old Market Square. She also told him that the sailor who first entered the Port camped near the same spring
175336 Brunker Mary Ann - 13 April 1842 Newcastle SR NSW Archive Reel: 1583; Series: 12992; Description: Registers of Memorials for Land 1825-1842
  Granted allotment 54 at Newcastle
178242 Brunker Mary Ann - 25 April 1837 Newcastle Newcastle Gaol Entrance Book. State Archives NSW. Roll 136
  Sarah Perkins per Pyramus assigned servant
144178 Brunker Mary Ann Elizabeth - 1857 14 June East Maitland Register Book of Christ Church Cathedral, Newcastle. Baptisms. p.66
  Daughter of James Nixon and Elizabeth Brunker. Baptism
106926 Brunker Mary Anne - 1853 May Newcastle Register Book of Christ Church Cathedral Newcastle. Marriages p39
  Marriage of Edward Bond of Sydney and Mary Anne Brunker (spinster).
54405 Brunker Mrs. Mary Ann - 1837 7 April Newcastle BB
  Witness in court case of William Dixon who had come to her shop to purchase tea and sugar
54446 Brunker Mrs. Mary Ann - 1837 21 April Newcastle BB
  Mary Smith, assigned to M . McGreavy became drunk while looking after a child of Mrs. Brunker's
143905 Whyte (Brunker) Mary Anne - 1877 3 July Watt Street, Newcastle MM
  Widow of the late William Henry Whyte and mother of James Nixon Brunker of West Maitland. Died at her residence, Watt St. Newcastle on Friday 29th June 1877 aged 62 years