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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
91063 Ash Island - - 1852 3 July Newcastle MM
  Land adjoining A.W. Scott's at Ash Island. 4 lots for auction. 'Convenient plots of land the soil of which is admirably adapted for growing wheat, maize, potatoes, cotton and the vine
127932 Ash Island - - 1804 4 March near Newcastle SG
  People at Hunter's river surprised by the appearance of white man on Ash Island
127933 Ash Island - - 1834 11 October near Newcastle SG
  Petty pilfering by natives on Ash and Baker's Islands.
166484 Ash Island - - 21 June 1832 near Newcastle SG
  Luke Dooley per 'Norfolk', groom and servant, assigned to Alexander Walker Scott at Ash Island
166485 Ash Island - - 5 July 1832 near Newcastle SG
  Robert Llewellin per 'Isabella, stonemason, assigned to Alexander Walker Scott
166486 Ash Island - - 23 August 1832 near Newcastle SG
  James Power per 'Larkins', farmer's man, assigned to Alexander Walker Scott at Ash Island
166488 Ash Island - - 27 August 1835 near Newcastle The Colonist
  ORIGINAL CORRESPONDENCE TO THE EDITOR OF THE COLONIST. Sir, I beg you will insert the following in your respectable and widely circulated paper:—Having arrived in this colony a few months since, and hearing of that beautiful district the Hunter, I took a tour in that direction, and travelled nearly to its source in duty bound to the inhabitants , I must say I met with the greatest hospitality. In many parts, the highly respectable land proprietors have made considerable improvements on their estates, but upon my visiting Ash Island, the estate of Walker Scott, Esq., I was quite astonished to see the quality of the soil, the very high state of cultivation, in which the land is; the elegant cottage and flower garden, together with upwards of 1000 of the choicest fruit trees; and to my utter surprise, the superintendent (Mr.' Brunker,) to, whom the greatest praise is due, informed me, that this beautiful estate, and with so much improvements is only three years located. I beg to recommend the settlers on the Hunter to visit Ash Island, and (if in their power), to be guided by the taste there displayed. I am, Sir, your obedient servant, AN EMIGRANT.
166489 Ash Island - - 14 December 1835 near Newcastle SH
  Alexander Walker Scott advertising for an overseer to take over at Ash Island. Must understand agriculture in all its branches and produce testimonials
166490 Ash Island - - 25 May 1837 near Newcastle SH
  The Stores of A.W. Scott at Ash Island broken into and tobacco and maize and pumpkins stolen. Reward offered for conviction of parties concerned in the robbery
166491 Ash Island - - 19 May 1860 near Newcastle MM
  To let on Ash Island, the well known farm of 'Cobham'. For particulars apply to George Weakly Hexham or at the Cottage, Ash Island
166492 Ash Island - - 21 July 1860 near Newcastle MM
  Sixteen year old girl burnt to death at Ash Island. Daughter of a farmer named Lintot
166493 Ash Island - - 17 June 1801 near Newcastle HR NSW. Vol IV. Hunter and King. 1800, 1801, 1802. Ed by F. M. Bladen. pp 404 - 409
  Went to Ash Island with Lieut-Col Paterson & found gum trees, swamp oak, tea tree and mangrove in abundance
166494 Ash Island - - 5 December 1832 near Newcastle GG 1832
  David Toran per 'Eliza' assigned to A.W. Scott at Ash Island
166495 Ash Island - - 12 December 1832 near Newcastle GG 1832
  John Harris per 'Eliza' assigned to A.W. Scott at Ash Island
166496 Ash Island - - 5 December 1832 near Newcastle GG 1832
  James Fuller per 'Clyde', assigned to A.W. Scott at Ash Island
166497 Ash Island - - 1837 near Newcastle GRC
  Thomas Finnan per 'Calcutta' assigned to A.W. Scott at Ash Island
166498 Ash Island - - 26 June 1833 near Newcastle Settler and Convict Lists 1787-1834. Ancestry
  Patrick Casey per 'Portland' assigned to A.W. Scott at Ash Island
166499 Ash Island - - May 1839 near Newcastle Register Book of Christ Church Cathedral Newcastle. Burials p1
  Death of David Bowerman, overseer to Major Crummer
166500 Ash Island - - 5 December 1832 near Newcastle GG 1832
  Thomas Connor per 'Clyde' assigned to A.W. Scott at Ash Island
166502 Ash Island - - 29 July 1854 near Newcastle MM
  Death of Mrs. Mary Belford aged 78 years at 5am on 17th July. Lived the last 55 years of her life in the enjoyment of Christian peace and joy and her last end was that of the righteous
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