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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
17909 Armstrong (Surveyor) John - 1832 16 August Port Stephens SG
  James Mullen assigned servant
27365 Armstrong (surveyor) John - 1832 Port Stephens Early Days of Port Stephens
  Surveyor employed by the Australian Agricultural Company
27723 Armstrong (surveyor) John - 1833 4 December - Early Days of Port Stephens
  Finished fnal survey of Australian Agricultural company's grants at Liverpool Plains
64958 Armstrong (surveyor) John - 1832 16 July - SH
  Surveyor. Completed term with A.A. Company and removed from Port Stephens. Advertising to continue working as surveyor
78532 Armstrong (surveyor) John - 1829 10 January Port Stephens SG
  Child of John Armstrong died from Whooping cough
114700 Armstrong (surveyor) John - 1830 1 December Newcastle In the Service of the Company
  A.A. Company Surveyor. Mentioned in Sir Edward Parry's correspondence. Commencing survey of town and area where the coal works and engine house would be erected. Works to be situated on rising ground 120 yards to the West of the West end of Church Street and in line with that street. In the Service of the Company: letters of Sir Edward Parry, Commissioner to the Australian Agricultural company: volume 1, December 1829 - June 1832. Letter No. 270
115108 Armstrong (surveyor) John - 1833 4 November Hunter Street Sydney In the Service of the Company.
  Surveyor. To accompany the Government Surveyor in the fnal delineation and accurate marking of locations selected for the A.A. Company at Liverpool Plains. In the Service of the Company. Letters of Sir Edward Parry, VolumeII June 1832 - March 1834 Letter 1000
168153 Armstrong (Surveyor) John - 30 September 1826 Parramatta SG
  On Tuesday se'nnight, at Parramatta, by the Rev. Mr. Marsden, Mr. Armstrong, Surveyor to the Australian Agricultural Company, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Mr. Francis Oakes of Parramatta
168155 Armstrong (Surveyor) John - 14 March 1857 Macquarie Street, Sydney SMH
  Marriage - On the 12th instant at the Congregational church, Pitt St. by the Rev. W. Cuthbertson, Mr. James R. Fairfax to Lucy, fourth daughter of Mr. John Armstrong of Macquarie Street
168156 Armstrong (Surveyor) John - 9 April 1857 - SMH
  On Tuesday the 10th March, accidentally near Mudgee, Mr. William Armstrong, licensed surveyor, aged 50 years. The deceased was brother of Mr. John Armstrong, of Macquarie Street, Sydney
168160 Armstrong (Surveyor) John - 1856 Sydney Australian Dictionary of Biography
  James Reading Fairfax - In December 1856 James Reading Fairfax became a partner in John Fairfax & Sons, with his father and elder brother Charles . On 12 March that year at the Pitt Street Congregational Church he married Lucy, daughter of John Armstrong, surveyor, and granddaughter of Francis Oakes. They lived at Trahlee, Bellevue Hill, until moving to his father's nearby house, Ginahgulla, in 1877. In the 1880s he built Woodside at Moss Vale.
168161 Armstrong (Surveyor) John - 28 July 1870 Macquarie Street, Sydney SMH
  Death - On 27th instant at his residence, Macquarie Street, John Armstrong, surveyor, aged 78 years
168162 Armstrong (Surveyor) John - 13 May 1853 Macquarie Street, Sydney SMH
  May 11th, aged 22, Mary, the second daughter of John Armstrong, Esq., surveyor, Macquarie Street Sydeny. Deeply regretted
168164 Armstrong (Surveyor) John - 25 March 1867 Sydney Votes & Proceedings, Volume 2 By New South Wales. Parliament.
  Correspondence re the location of boundaries for land offered for sale to the Government by Mr. French near St. Leonards Sydney, as a general cemetery
175974 Armstrong (Surveyor) John - 1 January 1826 Sydney to Newcastle The Present state of Australia: A Description of the Country,etc and the manners, customs and condition of its aboriginal inhabitants ...Robert Dawson
  Robert Dawson, Mr Harrington, John Armstrong and Henry Dangar took their passage from Sydney to Newcastle on the Lord Liverpool for the purpose of travelling to Port Stephens to examine the country in that area
30521 Armstrong (surveyor) John Brothers 1825 - - Pure Merinos and Others
  Employed by Australian Agricultural Company as surveyor
168159 Armstrong (Surveyor) John Brothers 1825 1830 Newcastle Coal River Working Party site
  John Armstrong's map of Newcastle. Plan of the Town of Newcastle New South Wales shewing itís present actual state with part of the adjoining Country, and the coal works of The Australian Agricultural Company from a Careful Survey in 1830 by Jno. Armstrong. (Courtesy of the Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, N.Z.)
108599 Armstrong (surveyor) John and Elizabeth - 1831 22 June Abode: Port Stephens Register Book of Christ Church Cathedral Newcastle. Baptisms p16
  Surveyor to A.A. Company. Baptism of daughter Mary
160220 Armstrong (surveyor) John and Elizabeth - 1831 22 June Christ church, Newcastle Australian Births and Baptisms - Family Search Historical Records
  Baptism of Mary, daughter of John and Elizabeth Armstrong (born 31 May 1831)
168152 Armstrong (surveyor) John, Elizabeth, William Brothers 1825 1828 (November) Port Stephens 1828 Census
  John age 33, Superintendent A.A. Company, Elizabeth age 22 (born in the colony), William age 1 1/2 and baby 3 months resident at Port Stephens