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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
14690 Agnew Edward - 1845 1 March Muswellbrook MM
  Secretary of Muswellbrook Races
16013 Agnew Edward - 1845 19 April Muswellbrook MM
  Secretary of Muswellbrook Races
20667 Agnew Edward - 1846 18 March Muswellbrook MM
  Secretary and Treasurer of Muswellbrook Races
21382 Agnew Edward - 1846 15 April Muswellbrook MM
  Secretary and Treasurer Muswellbrook races
28795 Agnew Edward - 1847 7 April Muswellbrook MM
  Honorary Secretary Muswellbrook Races
37003 Agnew Edward - 1847 11 December Muswellbrook MM
  Hired servant Peter Conolly absconded from service
47643 Agnew Edward - 1846 25 February Muswellbrook MM
  Clerk of Petty Sessions
50983 Agnew Edward - 1849 31 January Muswellbrook MM
  Agent for Australian Mutual Provident Society
55349 Agnew Edward - 1849 12 May Muswellbrook MM
  Appointed country Commissioner for taking of affidavits and bail and examination of witnesses
56210 Agnew Edward - 1850 Muswellbrook Returns of the Colony - Colonial Secretary (Blue Books)
  Clerk to the Bench
65585 Agnew Edward - 1838 12 June St. James church SG
  Marriage of Edward Agnew of the Colonial Engineer Dept., son of Major James Agnew, Barrack master at Tobago and late of 48th regt., and Elizabeth, youngest daughter of Samuel Bate of Belvier House, Surry Hills on 7 June at St. James Church by Special License
91160 Agnew Edward - 1852 10 July Muswellbrook MM
  Judge at the Muswellbrook Subscription Races
112115 Agnew Edward - 1844 14 June Muswellbrook GG
  Edward Agnew appointed Clerk of Petty Sessions and Registrar at Muswellbrook in the room of Carden T. Williams
125637 Agnew Edward - 1857 7 February Redfern The Moreton Bay Courier
  Marriage of Frederick Charles Easton of Callandoon, second son of the late John Easton MD and Mary Matilda, eldest daughter of Edward Agnew of Redfern
125638 Agnew Edward - 1843 27 December - SMH
  Insolvency proceedings
125639 Agnew Edward - 1845 8 November Muswellbrook SMH
  Petition of the minister and inhabitants read to the Bishop at the door of the Muswellbrook church by Edward Agnew on the occasion of the consecration of the church
125641 Agnew Edward - 1855 21 May Wooloomooloo SMH
  Death of Richard Patteson, youngest son of Edward Agnew aged 1 year and 9 months on 20th May
125640 Agnew Edward Stirling Castle 1836 1836 24 March Port Jackson SG
  Passenger on the 'Stirling Castle' from London via Hobart