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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
17505 Lawson Lieutenant William - 1808 December Newcastle SG
  Appointed Commandant
31913 Lawson Lieutenant William - 1808 25 December Newcastle Historical Records of NSW
  Of N.S.W. Corp. To hold himself in readiness to embark for Newcastle to take command of the settlement in the room of Ensign Villiers who is to return to Headquarters
64597 Lawson Lieutenant William - 1830 26 November Castlreagh SG
  Daughter Hannah married Henry Bayly of Bayly Park at Castlereagh
75280 Lawson Lieutenant William - 1850 22 June Veteran Hall, Prospect MM
  Death of William Lawson on 16th June aged 79. (Commandant at Newcastle 1809)
77281 Lawson Lieutenant William - 1806 14 December - SG
  Proceeding to Newcastle with Lieutenant John Putland on public service
77282 Lawson Lieutenant William - 1806 28 December - SG
  Commanding Newcastle settlement in the absence of Charles Throsby. Returning to Sydney on the 'Lady Nelson' with Lieut. Putland
77298 Lawson Lieutenant William - 1810 18 March - HR NSW, Vol. VII, Bligh & Macquarie 1809 - 1811., pp. 316, 317, 318, 319.
  In July 1809 when Commandant at Newcastle threatened to flog Sir Henry Browne Hayes and put him to work in the shell boat
77324 Lawson Lieutenant William - 1809 22 January Newcastle SG
  Appointed to the Command at the settlement at Newcastle. To proceed there immediately
77326 Lawson Lieutenant William - 1809 22 January - SG
  Accompanied to Newcastle on the 'Estramina' by Charles Throsby
77329 Lawson Lieutenant William - 1809 5 February - SG
  Walked 30 miles to Newcastle after the Estramina was driven past Newcastle to Port Stephens in strong winds.
77344 Lawson Lieutenant William - 1809 26 November Newcastle SG
  Arrived in Sydney from Newcastle on the 'Lady Nelson' intending to return shortly. Lieutenant Wright of the 73rd regt. Commandant in Lawson's absence
77350 Lawson Lieutenant William - 1809 10 December Newcastle SG
  Returned to duties at Newcastle the previous Thursday
77361 Lawson Lieutenant William - 1810 10 February - CSL 6002 4/3490B
  Informed that Lieutenant John Purcell of the 73rd regt. Was to take command at Newcastle. Lawson was to return to head quarters on the Sally
169406 Lawson Lieutenant William Royal Admiral 1800 - - Colonial Secretary's Index
  Arrived as Ensign with New South Wales Corps per "Royal Admiral", 1800. In 1806 and 1809 he was Commandant at Newcastle and 1819-24 Commandant at Bathurst; in 1813 he joined Blaxland and Wentworth in the first successful crossing of the Blue Mountains and while at Bathurst undertook journeys of exploration which helped open up the Mudgee district. He had properties at Prospect, Bathurst, Mudgee and Springwood, was a magistrate and, later, a Member of the Legislative Council.
13290 Lawson William - 1844 26 October Bligh County MM
  Obtained license to depasture stock beyond the limits of location
46916 Lawson William - 1846 3 October Weetalaba, Coolah MM
  Hired servant Andrew York absconded after losing 68 saxon rams
46917 Lawson William - 1846 3 October Weetalaba, Coolah MM
  Charles Fitzpatrick employed as overseer
128483 Lawson William Prince George 1837 1841 21 July Peels River CDR
  Assigned to the A.A. Company. Death of
50594 Lawson William junior - 1849 17 January near the Paterson River MM
  Pre-emptive right to lease Crown lands within the settled district
80254 Lawson William senior - 1837 6 February Maitland GG 1837
  Purchased town allotment