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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
103745 - - Susan 1841 27 March 1841 Sydney SG
  Departed the Downs 12th December and arrived in Port Jackson 25th March 1841. Captain Neatby. Surgeon Rowland Traill. Passengers Captain Charles Lawson, Mrs. T. Chapman, Mrs. Peck, Miss Green Messrs R.M. Pine. J. Peck, R.W. Last, C. Preston,G. Eason, T.S. Waugh, R. William F. Fisher, and four in the steerage
103744 Traill Rowland Susan 1841 1841 27 March Sydney SG
  Arrived as Surgeon Superintendent on the 'Susan' from London. 241 emigrants. Praise given to Surgeon and Captain for the healthy appearance and cleanliness of the emigrants