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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
171896 - - Superb 1839 30 December 1839 Port Jackson SH
  From Greenock, South Australia and Port Phillip, the barque Superb, Captain Shannon, having left the latter port the 21st December with merchandise. Passengers Mr. J. Wibon, M.D. Wilson, Mr. Barker, Mr. Thomson, Mr. W. Ogilvie, Mr. D. Ogilvie, Mr. Calder, Mr and Mrs Newison, Mr and Mrs Grant, Mr Tait, Mr. McRitchie, Dr. and Mrs Anderson, Mr. Mackay, Mr. Hamilton Mr. Easy, Mr. Sims, Mr. Crawford, Mr. Milne, Mr. Campbell, Mr. Lyall, Mr. Mason, Mr. Donaldson, and 14 in the steerage.
171897 Anderson Colin Alexander Superb 1839 30 December 1839 Port Jackson SH
  Dr. and Mrs. Anderson, passengers on the Superb