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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
171889 - - Posthumous 1841 2 February 1841 Port Jackson SG
  The Posthumous arrived from London on 1st February 1841 having departed 11th October. Captain Vilner. Passengers Mr and Mrs Stirling, Mrs Darbey, Dr. Harper (Harpur), Mrs. Harper and family, Miss Finnish, Mrs. Taylor, Miss Lewis, Miss Gunton Miss Perry Mr and Mrs Dawson, Mr. Kirson, Mr. Curtis, Mr. Cruickshank and Mr. Potter; also thirteen in the steerage
171887 Humbly Samuel and Jane Posthumous 1841 1841 - State Records Online Shipping List
  Samuel Humbly, farm labourer age 25 and Jane his wife house servant age 29 emigrants on the Poshumous. Brought out by George Wyndham...http://tinyurl.com/mgh8p6m
172189 Porter William Henry Posthumous 1841 1853 Newcastle gaol State Archives NSW; Item: 2/2017; Roll: 759 Gaol Description Books Ancestry
  5ft 10 1/2in. Pal complexion, scars over left eye etc., Admitted to Newcastle gaol