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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
104258 - - Lord Western 1840 1840 6 October Sydney SG
  Arrival of the 'Lord Western' Immigrants principally agricultural labourers and mechanics all in good health. Two adults died on the voyage from dysentry
172791 - - Lord Western 1840 5 October 1840 Port Jackson SH
  From London on Saturday last, having left Plymouth the 24th June the barque Lord Western, Captain Lock with merchandise and 233 bounty emigrants. Passengers Dr. Robert Little, M.D. and wife. Mrs. Hollinworth, Miss Hollinworth, Miss M. A. Hollinworth, Miss C. Hollinworth, Master Hollinworth. Mr. and Mrs. Harpur, Mr. Thomas Harpur, Miss E Harpur, Miss Matilda Harpur, Miss Rosa Harpur, Master A.H. Harpur, Mr. Blondel, Mr. and Mrs. Owen and child, Mr. and Mrs. Martyr , Mr and Mrs. Lewellyn, Mr. J. Smyth, Mr. Coley and Mr and Mrs. Newman and daughter.
172785 Comford (Comerford) (Cummerford) John Lord Western 1840 27 June 1842 Newcastle gaol State Archives NSW; Gaol Entrance Book, Item: 2/2020; Roll: 757 (Ancestry)
  Came free. Admitted to Newcastle gaol by Magistrates Hamilton and Denison (Cassilis) for breach of agreement. To be confined 1 month
172788 Comford (Comerford) (Cummerford) John Lord Western 1840 1842 Newcastle gaol Gaol Description Books. State Archives NSW; Item: 2/2016; Roll: 759 (Ancestry)
  Born c. 1815. 5ft 4 1/2in, stout build, fresh complexion, brown hair, grey eyes.