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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
103054 - - Lalla Rookh 1841 1841 25 December Sydney SG
  Arrived from London with immigrants
171934 - - Lalla Rookh 1841 28 December 1841 Port Jackson The Australian
  The barque Lalla Rookh, Kenny master, departed Plymouth 1st September with 203 immigrants. Dr. Hansard, M.D. superintendent. Passengers Mrs. Tucker and two children. Miss Moore, Mr and Mrs. Sunbolf and child, Mrs. Tooth and five children
103053 Boltwood James Lalla Rookh 1841 - - Maitland Family History Circle's Pre 1900 Pioneer Register
  Preacher, Farmer, Storekeeper. Spouse Sarah Goldfinch. For more information see Pioneer Register Entry No. 108
177839 Boltwood James Lalla Rookh 1841 (came free) 27 May 1846 Newcastle gaol Newcastle Gaol Entrance Book. State Archives NSW. Roll 757
  Came free. Admitted to Newcastle gaol from Maitland. Charged with having set fire to a granary, the property of Thomas Clifton. Sent for trial