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# Surname First Name Ship Date Place Source
161897 - - Britomart 1822 4 October 1821 Portmsouth The Times. Digital Archive 1785 - 1985
  The Britomart, with settlers for Botany Bay unable to proceed because of westerly winds
176691 - - Britomart 1822 9 February 1822 Hobart Hobart Town Gazette
  On Monday last arrived from England the ship Britomart, Captain D. Peache with merchandise and passengers - Helenus Scott, Robert Scott, Charles Henry Chambers, Thomas Midwood, John Galt Smith, James Ogilvie, Mrs. Ogilvie, Maurice Smith, Thomas Abraham, Matthew Williamson, Mrs. Williamson and 4 children Joseph Williamson together with 9 steerage passengers
176124 Brown John Britomart 1822 - Parramatta General Muster 1822 (Ancestry)
  Government servant to Mr. Scott at Parramatta
121510 Dodds James Britomart 1822 1822 15 March Port Jackson SG
  Passenger on the Britomart from England via Hobart
46840 Hazard Edward Gregory Britomart 1822 1824 7 March Newcastle CSI
  Came Free. Made application for land grant at Newcastle
134206 Scott Helenus Britomart 1822 - Glendon Singleton Pioneer Register p.78
  Born 1802 Bombay India, son of Helenus Scott and Augusta Maria Frederick. Spouse Sarah Anne Rusden. Issue - Saranna b. 1837, George Frederick b. 1840, Robert b. 1841, Augusta Maria b. 1843, Walker b. 1844, Amelia Mary b. 1846, rose, b. 1847, Amelia b. 1848, Mary Anne b. 1849, Alice b. 1851. See Pioneer Register for more details
46627 Scott Robert & Helenus Britomart 1822 1822 - -
  Came Free. Also on board 'Britomart' John Galt Smith and Edward Gregory Hazard
6990 Smith John Galt Britomart 1822 1843 18 March Paterson River MM
  John Galt Smith named his estate 'Woodville'. Woodville was bounded on the west by the Paterson River, on the north by John Tucker's Albion Farm and on the south by Walter Scott's Wallalong
42652 Smith John Galt Britomart 1822 1828 Woodville, Pattersons Plains 1828 Census
  Aged 34. Farmer. Came Free